We are partnered with solicitors and estate agents to provide accurate HMRC- compliant valuations for the purpose of probate and advise on realising potential value through auction sales, from single items through to entire collections.


When processing an estate, to complete your legal probate submission for HMRC you are required to obtain an accurate appraisal of an estate’s assets. The valuations are based on the current open market value, and we will appraise the contents of a house including antiques, specialist collectables, artwork, jewellery, watches, silver, and furniture.



To have your higher-value items properly and accurately valued for insurance purposes means that you can be sure that you have the right level of cover in place and that this is regularly reviewed to be current and relevant.


We advise private clients on insurance valuations for their valuables and treasured items, from single items to entire collections, so that they can arrange appropriate and suitable insurance cover from their own insurers. Every insurance valuation is different, every estate and probate valuation is different but, regardless, Chiswick Auctions will always send a qualified valuer to the property to undertake the appraisal and will deliver a report quickly and efficiently, all within a clear fee structure.



We will typically complete our appraisal within one visit and, depending on the scale of the valuation, aim to deliver the finished document within a few days. We will then send a hard copy of the valuation to be forwarded to your insurers, or, for an estate, to either a solicitor or the executor(s), as requested.  Our service is completely confidential and has a clear and competitive fee structure.



In the event that executors or beneficiaries want to arrange the sale of some, or all of
the chattels involved in an estate, Chiswick auctions can provide a complete sales service including collection, inclusion in the most applicable sale, advising on reserves and the auction process, and rapid settlement.



William Rouse
William Rouse

Probates & Insurance Valuer



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