The Collection of Henry Blofeld

10/08/2016     Chiswick Curates, Books

The Department of Printed Books and Manuscripts at Chiswick Auctions is delighted to announce that we will be handling the collection of the famed cricket-commentator Henry Blofeld in a sale of his books, ephemera, engravings, pictures, objets, and numerous curiosities, on Wednesday 12 October. As one would expect, many of the books are cricket-related but by no means all of them. For example, the collection also includes a number of Ian Fleming first editions. This is of special significance since Henry's father, Thomas, was very close friends with Ian Fleming at Eton and afterwards, and Bond's nemesis, the scarred cat-stroking arch-villain Blofeld (played by Donald Pleasance in the films) was named after him. Please watch this space for more information about this remarkable sale, a must for cricket lovers, Bond fans and for all those who simply delight in the eccentric.