The Allan Course Collection of British prehistoric artefacts

I am very proud to announce that the next Antiquities and Tribal art sale on the 2 February will include 22 lots from the collection of Allan Course, experimental archaeologist and expert flintknapper specialising in British Prehistory, formed in the 1990s – early 2000s on the UK art market.

The collection focuses on stone and bronze tools and weapons and spans from the Neolithic Period to the Late Bronze Age. All items were selected for their quality and excellent condition and combine the aesthetically pleasing with the functional.

It is believed that the majority of ancient axes where not – as I learnt

The Allan Course Collection


The Allan Course Collection

with great disappointment – used in battle, but instead were considered very precious working tools and status symbols.

A heavy body, a cutting edge, a hole for hafting. A very successful design indeed which, only with a few tweaks, survived until today for thousands of years.

Axe heads, in particular during the Bronze Age, were also used as currency. Fact that makes me feel better about progress – we have come quite a long way in that respect.

For all new collectors the Portable Antiquities Website offers a complete and user-friendly typological guide:

Chop chop!

Get in touch with me if you would like to know more about this collection and receive a catalogue.