Q&A with Claudia Valentin of Posh Pawn 

We are excited to have Claudia Valentin, luxury handbag expert and TV personality; star of Channel 4’s Posh Pawn and seen on House Wives of Cheshire, give her advice on preloved designer bags and chooses her favourite piece from our forthcoming Designer Handbags & Fashion.


How did you get into handbags?

From a very young age I always had an interest in beautifully made handbags. My aunt bought me my first leather bag in Italy when I was four, I guess it all started from there! Since I got my first job at hairdressers at 13 years old, I always saved towards a designer bag. The thrill and excitement of adding to my collection was amazing, and I knew if I could turn my passion and knowledge into a job it would be the best career I could ask for.

How have you seen the luxury resell market changed?

I have seen huge growth in the luxury resell market, shoppers are now getting savvy and are looking to buy for investment. Before there was very little opportunity for you to resell your designer bags, until Posh Pawn happened, people didn’t realise there were ‘assets in their closets’ and now there are ways you can buy and sell through auctions like Chiswick Auctions and online websites including my website Poshbagslondon.com

Why buy preloved?

Buying preloved is a fantastic way of getting into designer bags, buying second hand allows anyone to access to an exclusive club. For example buying second-hand Hermes bags, you may often have to pay a premium but there is no-wait list and you can get your hands on some exclusive and rare bags if you are looking in the right places!

What piece of advice would you give to others wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Do your research, be passionate about what you do. Never be afraid to learn or ask an opinion, nobody knows it all, there is always something new to learn which stops you from becoming stagnant. Never shy away from working hard, it will help you achieve your dreams in the long run and treat people how you would expect to be treated.

And your favorite piece from our 15th May auction?

Lot 338. Hermès Feu Niloticus Crocodile Kelly Pochette. Estimate: £12,000-18,000

Has to be Hermes Kelly Pochette. I love it, its stunning and vibrant colour, which I’d wear with all black or all white so it stands out and is the centre of attention.

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