Q&A with gemstone collector, David Jerome

In the lead up to the special collection of rings consigned by the adamant gemstone collector David Jerome, Chiswick Auctions sits down with David to talk about gemstones, mines and what makes a gem precious…


What made you start collecting gemstones in the first place?

I began my interest in jewellery at an early age. My father worked in several London markets at the time and would occasionally buy gold and small coloured stones from his customers. I was about 11 years old at that time and I was so fascinated by the different hues of these small gemstones and so began my appreciation of jewellery and coloured stones.


Lot 280. An aquamarine and diamond ring. Estimate: £2,000-£3,000


What is your favourite gemstone?

My favourite gemstone is the beautiful aquamarine, which can have many different shades of blue, ranging from light to a dark hues. My collection contains many rings which are the deepest blue, as this is the most valuable shade in the aquamarines.



Lot 307. A sapphire and diamond ring. Estimate: £2,500-3,500


You’ve had rare access to remote mines and seen first-hand the mining process. What would you say is the most important mine you’ve visited and why?

I have been to many mines worldwide. The majority of the mines I have visited have been in Sri Lanka. The most important mine there is called the Balangoda Mine. The reason this mine means so much to me is that I found my best royal blue sapphires there.


Lot 295. A ruby and diamond ring. Estimate: £3,500-4,500


Which do you love more, sourcing the gemstones or designing the jewellery?

I love sourcing and designing the ring around each gemstone. I enjoy the entire process equally.


Lot 304. A ruby and diamond cluster ring. Estimate: £2,000-3,000


How large is your collection and is one gemstone more prevalent than others?

My collection consists of over 2000 pieces. The most prevalent is the unheated rubies.


Lot 293. An emerald and diamond ring. Estimate: £3,200-4,200


What do you think the importance of jewellery and gems is to the typical consumer?

In selecting a gemstone it is important to always look for the highest and top quality. I believe that every item in the David Jerome Collection is the very best in each category; from rubies, emeralds, morganites, sapphires, tanzanites, opals, etc.

Lot 306. A morganite and diamond ring. Estimate: £4,000-6,000


What do you look for in selecting a gemstone?

My advice is to only buy the very best you can afford at that time even if the stone is smaller than you want but is a higher quality. Always look for the cleanest and clearest gemstone.

The forthcoming Jewellery auction will take place on Tuesday 14th May at 11am.