Property from the collection of Christopher Terry (1938-2016)

We are delighted to be offering the private collection of Christopher Terry (1938-2016), acquired in the 1970s and 1980s, in our next Antiquities and Tribal Art sale at Chiswick Auctions on 29 March 2017.

As a boy Christopher Terry was a keen amateur archaeologist.  By mapping out the Roman occupation in Britain he visited many sites and from the age of 14 was involved with excavations, in particular at Reculver in Kent.  His involvement in Reculver lasted until his early 20’s and often involved him cycling 110 miles to the site with his tent.

This beginning inspired Terry to collect and sell antiquities and his interest led him to meet many interesting people and visit many fascinating places around the world. Terry’s greatest area of interest was in Roman and Greek civilisations however all ancient history intrigued him. With limited options to pursue the study of archaeology in the late 1950’s Terry took up the study of architecture.

It was the combination of History and Architecture which eventually led him to purchase and rescue Brougham Hall in Cumbria which at the end of 2016 came off the ‘At Risk Register’.  This for him is where his ancient history and modern history merged and when excavating at Brougham Hall he also discovered Romano British pottery.

It is always such a pleasure to have a private collection on offer. Here are some highlights from the collection: