News from Chiswick Auctions

03/05/2011     Chiswick Curates

June is fast approaching and much to look forward to in our auction calendar.
Monday 27th June is our single owner sale of pictures from the estate of art dealer Gerald Norman.  The sale is to include earlier artists such as Constable, Peter De Wint and Gainsborough, through to the later part of his collection which includes works by artists such as  Oskar Kokoshka, Giacometti, Renoir, Boudin., Lautrec, Modigiliani, Lebasque and Whistler, to name but a few.  A few examples of these pictures are already on the website, with the full catalogue going up online mid May.  A separate colour fully illustrated catalogue will also be available for £8 by telephoning the office.

Tuesday 28th June is our summer 'fine' sale - this has many things already lined up, including a very fine pair of silver claret jugs, a good collection of Chinese jade, a fine late 17th Century inlaid Italian commode amongst many more items which will begin to start appearing on our website at the end of May.  If you have anything you want to enter into the sale, the deadline is Monday 6th June.

One final item - we have recently had a film made, giving those of you who haven't actually been here a better feel of the place!  The link is here

Please do not hesitate to email me directly if you have any queries.

Kind regards

William Rouse (Director)