It's almost like child's play...

Our specialist sale on Wednesday November 19th will start with
The Schuster NODDY Collection,
followed by Fine Antique Dolls, Teddy Bears & Toys

We are proud and pleased to present for sale The Schuster Collection of Noddy items. It contains many original watercolour illustrations, including some by the original artist who created Noddy with Enid Blyton; Harmsen Van der Beek. There are also over 300 books including around 50 first editions, many toys including the rare Woo-Woo Train, as well as an original Noddy window display from the famous Hamleys Toy Store in London.



In total there are more than 600 single items, making this probably the largest Noddy collection in the world.

And - a late entry to the catalogue - lot 90 is a handwritten personal letter from Enid Blyton in response to an enquiry about translating manuscripts into French.

Check here for the full catalogue


This week, we enjoyed wall-to-wall glamour in the Vintage & Designer Fashion, Furs & Textiles.

In a selection of 1970s Gina Fratini dresses from the widow of the late Sid James, our favourite lot was a selection of three floaty chiffon cocktail dresses, in delightful layers of pastels. They sold for £230.



Another collection was a full fashion show from the late 70s and 80s by designer Andre Laug and contained everything from day dresses to ball gowns. And from the 40s and 50s came a collection of débutante's dresses and coats, including Christian Dior and Hartnell.

Coming up, we have our inaugural Russian sale on November 25th, and a 20th Century Design sale on December 2nd.

The content for the two is strikingly different, just part of what keeps Chiswick Auctions so interesting.

Russian catalogue                                      20th Century catalogue


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