Fabulous solid silver fitted motoring picnic basket

02/08/2012     Chiswick Curates

Lots are coming in fast and furious for the September fine sale.  Today an exceptional picnic basket by Piccadilly makers 'Drew and Sons' from their 'en route' range came in through the door.  We are all very excited by this lot and is the best of its sort we have ever seen.  All the metal (with the exception of the liquid containers), is hallmarked sterling silver for 1914.  The quality is very good and it is as good as complete in a lovely brown leather fitted case.  We are going to be publishing an estimate of £2,000 - £3,000, but quite frankly wouldn't be at all surprised if it sells for significantly more. A chrome-plated smaller version of the same thing sold in Bonhams a couple of years ago for just over £2,000 - and I think it safe to say that this is significantly better.  So if you know a man (probably but not exclusively!), who has everything - you can be reasonably sure he won't have one of these!