Dickinson's Real Deal brings in Tompion

11/08/2011     Chiswick Curates

Dear Subscriber

You probably know that Chiswick takes part in a number of television programmes, including Dickinson's Real Deal.  At a Dickinson's valuation day that I was participating in recently, a lady brought in a small clock that she had purchased for less than £5.00 at a car boot fair.  The little brass clock was quickly identified as housing an early 18th Century pocket watch movement signed by the father of English clock making in the late 17th / early 18th Century Thomas Tompion!  Tompion numbered all his movements, (this one being 3895) giving us a good idea when it was made.  So although missing its original pear case, being housed in a probably late 19th Century brass case, the face is still intact and the movement in excellent condition - indeed it is ticking happily away on my desk!  This miniature masterpiece is being offered for sale on September 6th with an estimate of £2,500 - £4,000

Our next 'fine' sale is currently being put together for 13th September.  The sale which includes books, an important Picasso watercolour and a huge variety of other things is still open for entries until Friday 26th August if you want to put something into the sale.  More updates here during the coming weeks.