Chiswick House portrait by Peter Lely

21/04/2012     Chiswick Curates

Chiswick Auctions are pleased to announce the discovery of a potentially important oil painting by the great 17th Century portrait painter Sir Peter Lely.  Found as part of a Kew deceased estate and to be offered in our ‘fine’ sale on 12th June.  The picture conveniently comes with a paper label illustrated but transcribed for your convenience below.

Portrait by Sir Peter Lely   (1st President of the Royal Academy of Arts)

of Richard, Viscount Boyle (circa 1678), who succeeded his Father in 1703 as Earl of Cork and 4th Earl of Burlington.  Died 1753 without issue.  (Titles inherited by the Dukes of Devonshire)  Founder of the Royal Academy of Arts, (Burlington House Piccadilly), Builder of Chiswick House, Chiswick.

This picture was given by the 7th Duke of Devonshire of Bolton Abbey, York? to his friend the Rector of Bolton = the Rev’d John William Carr Crofts, was inherited by his Grandson = Ernest Crofts R.A., Keeper of the Royal Academy, (Burlington House), from 1898 (?) to his death in 1911; inherited by his cousin Florence Crofts (Mrs Wordship) and bequeathed by her will to the custodians of Chiswick House, to be hung in Chiswick House, Chiswick in 19.. 

Chiswick House was inherited by Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington, 4th Earl of Cork and Baron Clifford (1694–1753) on the death of his father, Charles Boyle, in 1704.  So it would appear that this painting was executed before he inherited the house.

English Heritage are currently investigating the picture and we will be in a position to provide a full catalogue description by the time the picture is offered for sale on June 12th.