Bonding With Time - the Rolex Submariner

The countdown to the Watches auction taking place on 12 September has started and to celebrate we take a closer look at a Rolex Submariner offered in the sale - otherwise known as the James Bond Rolex.


rolex submariner

This rare and sought after 1962 (5508) Rolex Submariner wristwatch (estimate £8000 - £12000) is in honest and unmolested condition. In 1953, French Navy diver Jacques Cousteau wrote The Silent World, a book that narrated his underwater explorations. This book and the Academy Award-winning film that followed captured the world's imagination and forged a generation of recreational divers. Rolex's response was to create a classic and versatile wristwatch that continues to stand the test of time - the Submariner.

On 5th October 1962, Ian Fleming's fictional spy, James Bond, played by Sean Connery, made his cinema debut wearing a Submariner.

'Two legends were born and the demand for both man and machine is stronger today than ever.' - Matthew Caddick, Head of Watches

Not only was the world's most long-standing film franchise born, but it also immortalised this wristwatch. The reliable and rugged dive watch, fast embodied suave masculinity and adventure.

'The example at Chiswick Auctions was worn on a daily basis by the current owner up until the 1990’s, when due to a work move abroad, it went into a safety deposit box at the bank. This is the first time it has seen daylight for 25 years and what a pleasure it is to handle.' - Matthew Caddick, Head of Watches

Aside from the Bond connection, the subtly unique 'exclamation point' dial, (take a look at the 6 o'clock position marker and all will become clear), original aluminium bezel insert and lack of grown guards (all Subs post-5508 feature crown guards), rarity is what makes this Rolex particularly special.

'Sourcing a 5508 in good, original condition will become both more difficult and certainly more expensive with every passing year.' - Matthew Caddick, Head of Watches

Entries are currently invited, contact Head of Department Matthew Caddick with images for a free valuation: