Autographs and history:  Your chance to connect

Autographs and history: Your chance to connect

Our Head of Autographs and Memorabilia, Valentina Borghi, showcases some rare and special highlights from her next sale, which takes place on 31 March at 1pm. 

“I think this sale includes some of the most desirable Autographs you can possibly find on the market. This sale offers unique opportunities to connect with and encounter leading historical figures and household names”.  Valentina Borghi

In total, the sale features 365 lots of individual items in a wide variety of formats – from letters to indentures, from film scripts to photographs, to - of course - autograph albums spanning historic figures from the arts, politics, royal history and more.

  Why buy an autograph? An autograph can be bought – or indeed be sought after - for many reasons:



A connection to important historical figures

In this sale we feature documents and papers handwritten and / or signed by Winston Churchill, John F Kennedy, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  Many, if not most, of the documents, letters and photographs connected with these people are now mostly in museums or institutions, so there is always a lot of interest when they appear on the market - and this allows buyers to connect in a direct way with these important people.




The age of the item

(and, generally speaking, the older the item the better)

Some of our items in this sale date back to 1702, in the case of Queen Anne, or later on 1867 in the case of our letter from Charles Dickens or 1885 in the case of our letter from Robert Browning.  There are also film scripts from 2016 and 2017, so their value is in their freshness and in being so contemporary. 




The uniqueness of the item

Many of the items on offer in our sale are one-off pieces and unusual because they are unlikely to be found elsewhere - rather than signed photographs or other items that may be more widely available. We feature the order of service used at the 1937 wedding of Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson - and this is signed by them to the vicar who conducted the service , as well as the exceptionally rare photograph taken by the Red Baron, Manfred von Richtofen, in his First World War fighter aeroplane – and signed by him. 




The rarety of the item

This applies to both the historical and the more modern lots in our sale. We are offering items signed by both Marilyn Monroe and the Beatles, neither of whom signed many autographs, and so there are many forgeries on the market to meet demand. Finding genuine signatures by them is always exciting and we are offering genuine autograph signatures by both Marilyn Monroe and the Beatles in this sale.






We hope you find these as rewarding and fascinating as we do – and look forward to seeing you at the auction!


 Our Autographs & Memorabilia is taking place on Thursday 31 March at 1pm. Explore our Online Catalogue here.




Valentina Borghi

Head of Autographs & Memorabilia