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21/10/2013     Chiswick Curates


Tuesday 3rd December, 2013 starting at 12 noon. This sale is followed by our weekly Antiques & Interiors auction.

Viewing: Sunday 1st December, 12 noon - 6pm, Monday 2nd December, 12 noon and prior to the auction.

ENTRIES are Welcome for both this auction and the Textile, Vintage Fashion & Furs Auction - Tuesday 10th December, 12 noon. Tracie is available every Wednesday & Thursday for free valuations.

Contact specialist Tracie Vallis by email:, or by phone: 07976 592898.

Coming up in this sale we have two rare English wooden dolls, the 'Queen Anne' style, circa 1760 and 'George III' style, circa 1790. Early wooden dolls of this size and calibre are hard to find, each doll is hand-made so no two are ever the same. However the young boy doll in the centre of the picture is particularly interesting as he was manufactured but this mould is very scarce and the few dolls known are in private collections. This doll has had one owner  whose name was 'John' and so the doll was always known as 'John', he has been kept in a box in the attic for all these years.

Lot 101. A rare German bisque portrait Art Character Doll, "Carl", Model 107 by Kammer & Reinhardt. Marks: K? R 107, 55 (55cm).

Carl by Kammer and Reinhardt, Germany, circa 1909, is from their Art Reform Character series, the dolls from this series were all given children's names. The model was sculpted by the renowned German artist Arthur Lewin-Funcke, based upon his original bronze sculpture, "Portrait of a boy", the identity of this famous sculptor was not known until 1991 when research in German archives by Jurgen and Marianne Cieslik made this  important discovery.

The doll firm and the sculptor had deliberately kept their alliance private as the doll enterprise was considered a commercial endeavor and, as Cieslik noted, "Lewin-Funcke had taken his secret of being the father of the character doll movement to his grave in 1937" (German Doll Studies, page 227). The doll was made in two sizes.