An Exceptional and Exotic Sale - December 2016

Hermes Contour Birkin £35,000-45,000

The upcoming 7th December designer handbag and fashion sale has a clear star lot. Never before have I even held, let alone been given the opportunity to sell, such an incredible handbag.

It will come as no surprise that this bag is an Hermes Birkin, the world’s most expensive handbag. Unlike the stunning red and gold leather Birkins I had in my October sale, this bag is crafted from crocodile leather. Hermes make a limited amount of exotic leathers Birkins every year, often in standard black or brown colours.

This bag, however, is from a very limited collection, only bought out at the end of last year called the Contour. The contour only comes in two colourways – red with blue trim, and, well, blue with red trim. Or more specifically ‘Bleu Marine’ and ‘Rouge H’, which is what this bag is. You really need to see the bag to appreciate the depth of the colour, the shiny crocodile is like a midnight blue or inky purple, and is perfectly offset by the solid gold hardware. Yep, you read correctly, the hardware on the bag is solid gold.

Clearly a bag such as this comes with a price tag to match, but money alone would not have been enough to secure the bag from Hermes. Only VIP customers would be given the chance to buy the Contour, and even then it would only be a case of right place, right time. In fact, in order to research this bag I have trawled online boutiques all over the world and have yet to find anyone offering a similar bag for sale – these get snapped up as soon as they appear!

Never used and still with its original packaging, the auction gives buyers a unique opportunity to secure one of the rarest and most valuable handbags in the world.

Continuing the exotics theme in the sale, I will also be offering a stunning Louis Vuitton GO-14 Alligator handbag from the brand’s ‘Rare and Exceptional’ collection. This bag was bought last December and has only been carried twice. Originally costing £12,400, it is being offered here at nearly half its original price.

Another stunning exotic in the sale is a Chanel gold python jumbo flap bag. As with the others, this bag comes in great condition and with its original packaging and would be a perfect Christmas present for one glamorous lady. I can think of a few dresses in the auction that the Chanel would go with for the perfect Christmas party outfit!