Paul Fox, Head of Wine, Whisky & Spirits

Paul Fox, Head of Wine, Whisky & Spirits

Introducing the new Head of Department

 Chiswick Auctions have appointed Paul Fox as its new head of department for Wine, Whisky and Spirits. Already a familiar face at the west London auction house – as a general valuer he has headed the monthly Interiors, Homes & Antiques sales – he has chosen to focus on his specialist field of expertise. He completed his Wine & Spirit Education Trust qualifications when working for another auction house and has a deep knowledge of the market.


Paul Fox head of Wine Whisky & Spirits


“It is no secret that the buzz word is whisky” he says. “Prices have rocketed across the past two decades as single malts attracted both a younger generation and a wider demographic of passionate drinkers. But it is not just whisky that has attracted a new audience. You only have to look at the drinks menu of your local pub to see that the days of house red and two brands of lager are long gone. A variety of wines along with Port, rum, Madeira and liqueurs such as Chartreuse are enjoying a renaissance as consumers expand their palates.”


Having helped many enthusiasts build vintage wine and spirits collections – both for drinking and for investment - he has some useful tips for those new to the market.

 “If buying to consume, there can be no better place to start than the auction room. Rather than cases of wine, look for lots composed of assorted wines from the world’s premium wine regions. They are regularly available in our sales and provide an opportunity to explore different styles and expressions.

 “If looking to invest, there are also the dependable stalwarts such as Bordeaux and Burgundy. The general rule here is buy in bulk and buy young. Likewise, if time is on your side, then the hardiness of vintage Port lends itself to long ageing and the price will only rise as what’s in the bottle matures.” 


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