Most wanted (Part 3)

13/11/2015     Handbags & Fashion



Lot 155 Louis Vuitton Barrel 55 bag

Arguably the most recognisable of all the designer brands, Louis Vuitton has remained popular since the company was founded in 1854. At the time that the vogue for travel was beginning to really take off, Vuitton patented the world's first flat-topped trunk, as apposed to the domed trunks previously used. Whilst the traditional design allowed water to run off the top, Vuitton's design could be stacked, meaning that the travelling upper classes did not have to be economical with the items they chose to travel with.

In 1896 and with the growing success of the company, Vuitton's son designed the now synonymous monogram of interlinking L and V and quatrefoils and flowers on a brown background. The monogram canvas pattern has been printed on practically everything the company has ever released, from handbags and purses to boxing gloves, shoes and playing cards. Worn by everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Alexa Chung, the monogram canvas is instantly recognisable and always performs well in my sales.

The Speedy bag, designed in the 1930s, remains one of the Vuitton's most popular handbags. Coming in four different sizes, the barrel shape body with two loop handles and top zip is a simple design that goes with everything. Lot 342, the 30cm version of the Speedy shows signs previous wear, but to some (and me included) that adds to the charm of Louis Vuitton. All bags use calf skin trim which, when new, is a soft salmon-pink tone that ages over time into a rich honey coloured leather, its really a matter of taste whether you prefer your Louis Vuitton aged or box-fresh. The Speedy 30 currently retails at £550, making the estimate of £80-120 on lot 342 sound very tempting!

Of similar design the Louis Vuitton Barrel Bag is clearly inspired by the Speedy. Lot 155, est £250-350, is the weekend-away version of the Speedy, perfect for a Christmas getaway!

If the monogram print is your thing, then  fear not, I have PLENTY in the November 24th sale. Wheeled suitcases, washbags, handbags, wallets and scarves should all help to sate any monogram longings!