Exciting discovery for 'Fine' auction on April 5th

21/02/2011     Chiswick Curates

As grey March slowly makes its way towards spring, here at Chiswick Auctions we are looking forward to a fantastic sale in April.

Only this week a single vendor has come in with a fascinating and potentially quite important collection of drawings and sketches by artists that everyone has heard of.  We are still in the early days of research but illustrated below is a small work by Paul Gauguin.  Also in the collection are a number of ink studies by Alberto Giacometti, a watercolour from a known sketchbook by John Constable, together with works on paper by  Lucien Pissaro, Jacob Epstein, and Toulouse Lautrec.

The sale is not, however, just a picture sale - it will feature books, ceramics, silver, jewellery and furniture.  It is not too late if you want to enter something into the sale - the deadline is 14th March.