Chiswick Auctions Report 19th February

20/02/2013     Chiswick Curates


Gentleman’s Sale with Arts, Antiques & Interiors – Tuesday 26th February, 12noon

Printed Books, Manuscripts & Maps with FINE Art, Antiques & Fine Interiors – Tuesday 5th March, 11am (Please note we always have an earlier start for all our Fine Catalogue and LIVE on-line bidding sales.)**

Ladies Sale with Art, Antiques & Interiors – Tuesday 12th March, 12noon                                         Come along and join the FUN as Filming for ITV This Morning will be taking place, we really enjoy having you here.

We have two Facebook pages which we would like to introduce to you Chiswick Auctions and Tom Keane for those of you who like to chat and keep informed. On the Chiswick page you can chat with Specialists and on Tom’s page you will know when he is filming his TV shows.


Auction Report

The sale of Arts, Antiques & Interiors yesterday proved that our weekly sales are just one of the prize assets of being a small auction room in a competitive market against the larger houses. The speed of our weekly turnaround of items proves that once vendors have decided an object must go we can take it in that day, while our buyers know ‘no two weeks are ever the same’ and something exciting always turns up for sale.  This week was no exception and we have to admit we were delighted by the results.  Many items came in on the valuation days running up to the sale and it proved to be good quality especially some small Jade items including a Chinese miniature father with a boy on his back that sold for £3300 including premium & VAT.

Tracie Vallis said “I was very busy this Tuesday as throughout the day I met new buyers to our auction, filled with the anticipation of buying jewellery and household furniture. So with this in mind I thought I would add a little advice for those that fear the first steps of buying in auction.”

View the auction carefully, preferably with time on your hands, until you get to know what you’re looking for. Spend some time examining the items for their good and bad qualities. Bring a tape measure and a note-pad, or buy a catalogue (we sell self-printed catalogues on the viewing days). Every sale is on-line with photographs by Sunday evening.

On the sale day register to bid well before the chosen lot you want comes up for sale. You will be given a bidding paddle with your own bidding number, then find a comfortable seat in the main room. The auctioneers talk very fast until you get used to their rhythm so it is worth sitting there for a while to get used to it all. Behind the auctioneer is a large TV where images of the lots are shown - this is to help refresh your memory.  As your lot number comes up prepare your bidding paddle as this number links directly to you if you are the lucky winner. Always have a fixed price limit in your mind - do not get carried away, make sure the auctioneer sees your first bid so as a novice wave your paddle above your head. This may sound obvious but the paddle waving is the positive way to ensure in the crowded room you have the auctioneer’s attention. Once your first bid is taken he will keep looking at you until all the bidding in the room is finished so you can be a little more discreet if you like. Once you have finished with your bidding and if you are the lucky winner the auctioneer will write your paddle number on his auctioneer’s book, head back to the reception area and pay for your lots. Collecting your lots is best done the day of the sale but definitely must be done by the Thursday 6pm the week of the sale.

Lot 24. A small 19th century Chinese Meiping baluster vase, white glazed with red splash. Estimate: 60-80 - sold for £280 including premium & VAT

Lot 962. A 19th century mahogany chiffonier. Estimate: 120-180 – sold for £460 including premium & VAT

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