16th October Sale

18/10/2012     Chiswick Curates

Chiswick’s Tuesday auction was busy, busy, busy.  The sale was well attended with all the usual regular faces and a good few new ones creating a healthy buzz throughout the viewing and sale.

Again precious metals held the day....jewellery and silver prices were buoyant and bidding was brisk and shows no signs of dwindling. If anything, jewellery seems to be in greater demand than ever, perhaps the ten shopping weeks left till Christmas are a contributing factor !

As I mentioned last week, Victorian and Edwardian jewellery looks to be having a revival with growing interest in earlier pieces and once again costume jewellery lots seems to be fetching well above estimate with competitive bidding.

Buyers bid eagerly, as always,  for silver. Including Japanese silver, such as lots 195, 199 and 200 to Indian silver through to Continental and English hallmarked items. In general the trend is up and demand is high and whilst there were no individual surprises, there were certainly no disappointments on the hammer and no lack of bidders.

This week saw a strong entry of musical instruments from Fender Stratocasters and other guitars, to drum kits, keyboards and all the sound equipment in between. Clients could have been forgiven for thinking they were at a musical festival instead of an auction,  as buyers and musicians took turns to play the instruments. The section was a huge success with many instruments selling well above estimate and with much competition between commission bids and buyers in the room.

Furniture held no surprises, similarly, ceramics and pictures were consistent. On the whole, reaching expectations but not exceeding them.  There is no doubt, that for the moment, jewellery and silver are market leaders and much sought after at the present with, of course, Fender Stratocasters following close behind!