B U Y I N G & S E L L I N G

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B U Y I N G  A T  A U C T I O N


S E L L I N G  A T  A U C T I O N

Probate, Insurance & Estates 

For more than two decades, we have been successfully partnered with solicitors, estate agents and the general public to provide accurate HMRC compliant valuations for the purpose of probate. 

We know that for some, having to obtain a probate valuation can be daunting, but our service is easy and stress free with a dedicated member of the Probates Team on hand to guide you throughout the probate process. 


How does it work?

In order to complete your probate submission for HMRC, you are required to obtain an accurate appraisal of an estate’s assets. The valuations are based on the current open market value and we will appraise the contents of a house including antiques, specialist collectables, artwork, jewellery, watches, silver and furniture.   

Every estate is different, but regardless of likely value our Probates Team will always send a senior valuer to the property to undertake the appraisal.

We are required by legal guidelines to itemise individual objects worth £1,500 or more, with items of lesser value represented as part of group totals. We will need to be given access to all the assets within the estate, which may include items stored within a bank or in additional storage units and garages.

We will typically complete our appraisal within one visit and, depending on the scale of the valuation, we aim to deliver the finished document within a few days of the beginning of the process.


What you will receive 

We will send a hard copy of the valuation to either a solicitor or the executor(s), as requested.


How much will it cost?

We charge:

  •     £450+VAT for the first hour (90% of valuations fall into this pricing bracket)
  •     £150+VAT p/h thereafter

Once probate has been granted, we are on hand to help with selling items from the estate through our monthly Interiors, Homes & Antiques sales or the relevant specialist sales held throughout the year.