Medals and Militaria

Mark Longson MNAVA

Specialist and Senior Valuer


Captain Mark Longson is an ex Royal Tank Regiment officer and having commanded tanks his main interest is in Army historical collections, but he also has an in-depth knowledge of swords and weaponry and other associated areas. Mark has appeared on television as both an auctioneer and valuer and also as a regular militaria consultant on BBC Radio Surrey and Sussex. He is also one of our auctioneers and a general valuer, with over 20 years of experience in salerooms.

The next specialist sale will take place on Tuesday 8th March 2016.

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In today’s market prices are linked less to the individual item and focused more on the historical significance of an item. For example the value of a medal may change significantly if the original recipient can be traced and then the interest becomes the where, when and why of the award and person rather than the item itself.
As more and more families are discovering and sharing their grandad’s German keepsakes the market is finding new collectors. So whether it be an old beret, a group of medals, a souvenir from afar or a collection of rifles, Chiswick Auction’s Militaria specialist will be able to advise vendors and buyers alike. Specialist sales are held 3 or 4 times a year.

For valuations and consultation appointments email Mark with images and your telephone number please; ku.oc1448536920.snoi1448536920tcuak1448536920ciwsi1448536920hc@kr1448536920am1448536920

My highlights (from the June sale):